Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't Read This Book!

My husband wants me to include books to avoid on this blog.  I guess it might save you from a few wasted hours. 

I read the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson.  The first one was pretty good, and the next couple were okay, but they seemed to get gradually and progressively worse after the first three.  I'm not saying not to read these books.  I'll even include a link so you can read more detailed reviews.  Because these books were okay, I thought that another series by James Patterson might be interesting.  So I read Witch and Wizard.  The story was great.  If only the writing wasn't so completely terrible, I would be able to recommend the book.  But the writing was AWFUL.  Really poor writing for an author so famous.  I am not including a link to this book.  Do not read Witch and Wizard if you are a literary kind of person.  You will be disappointed.   

This link is just to the first three books, the ones that weren't too bad.

Type of Book:  Modern Day Science Fiction Adventure
Rating:  7/10 for the first book, 6-ish/10 for the next two books


  1. James Patterson doesn't actually write those books. I saw an interview with him several years ago. He wakes up in the morning and writes about 3 or 4 outlines a day, then gives them to other people to actually write. He puts his name on them because they're his basic story and he can sell books, but he's not actually the true author.

  2. Well, I don't know why he wouldn't read the finished product before putting his name on it. Or if he did, then he is an idiot for not having better standards.