Friday, November 18, 2011


Please leave comments with any suggestions for my blog.  What kinds of books do you like?  Are there books you want to know about?  Books you think I should recommend or NOT recommend?  Do you like the general format?  Do you want more information, or do you feel like I give enough?  Personally, I don't like to know much about the books I read in advance, just if they are good or not, but I have already read these books and already know what happens, so if lots of people want more detailed reviews, I can do that.  I also include links to Amazon so that you can see more detailed reviews by other readers.  Do you like the links?  One person has commented that I mostly have books on here with high ratings.  I did that because I have so many books to recommend, and I wanted to get as many recommendations on here as possible so you can enjoy the books I enjoy.  If you want me to review average books as well, let me know.  I've read lots of those.  Or what about guest bloggers?  If there are people who like the same kinds of books that I do, books that are clean and not trashy, I would be interested in other input besides my own.  Anyway, since I am not an amazing blogger, I welcome your suggestions.  

The Maze Runner Trilogy

I have read the first two books of The Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner.

The third book just came out last month, so I will definitely be getting that soon and reading it!  These books are fast-paced slightly futuristic science fiction adventure books.  They are appropriate for teens and adults.  They are not girly books; my husband likes them as well and would recommend them.  The titles very aptly describe the books, at least the first two, so I am really interested in seeing how the third book will relate to its title.

Type of Book:  Science Fiction, but not the nerdy kind....
Rating:  8.5/10

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't Read This Book!

My husband wants me to include books to avoid on this blog.  I guess it might save you from a few wasted hours. 

I read the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson.  The first one was pretty good, and the next couple were okay, but they seemed to get gradually and progressively worse after the first three.  I'm not saying not to read these books.  I'll even include a link so you can read more detailed reviews.  Because these books were okay, I thought that another series by James Patterson might be interesting.  So I read Witch and Wizard.  The story was great.  If only the writing wasn't so completely terrible, I would be able to recommend the book.  But the writing was AWFUL.  Really poor writing for an author so famous.  I am not including a link to this book.  Do not read Witch and Wizard if you are a literary kind of person.  You will be disappointed.   

This link is just to the first three books, the ones that weren't too bad.

Type of Book:  Modern Day Science Fiction Adventure
Rating:  7/10 for the first book, 6-ish/10 for the next two books

Books by Brandon Sanderson

I have read a couple of good series by Brandon Sanderson.  Both are worth reading.  The first series is the Mistborn Trilogy.

These books are long, really long.  I read the books several years ago, so the details are a bit fuzzy.  I know there's magic involved.  And some kind of fighting.  And a tough girl.  And I remember liking the books.  For more detailed reviews, you should probably click on the link and look at Amazon reviews.  These books are not appropriate for children; nothing bad that I remember but written for adults.

Type of Book:  Magic Fantasy Adventure
Rating:  At least a 7/10, but read too long ago to be more accurate

The other series that I really liked by the same author is completely different. 

You may not think that there can be such a thing as evil librarians.  You would be wrong.  (I guess I'm lucky that I don't have a library with evil librarians lurking around.  There's no place to hide in our county's bookmobile.....)  The Alcatraz books are really funny.  I laughed out loud many times.  These are books for older children, teens, and adults. 

Type of Book:  Modern Alternate/Hidden World Adventure
Rating:  8.5/10

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

I read this book today. 

Luckily, I started after my kindergartener left, so I could read it all in one sitting with no kids interrupting me, just the way I like to read exciting books like this one.  Well, I actually got up once to raid the leftover Halloween candy....  It was really quite good.  The book, not the candy.  On the cover, it says, "The Hunger Games Meets Harry Potter."  Well, that's not entirely accurate, but if you like both of those books, you will like this book as well.  I would definitely recommend this book to older children, teens, adults, and young adults.  The material is not appropriate for young children; it could be a bit upsetting.

Type of Book:  Magical Dystopian
Rating:  9.5/10